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In addition to tents we can also supply sound equipment, lighting, staging, tables and chairs to ensure ultimate enjoyment for everyone at your event – your guests and audience as well as the hosts and performers.


We have our own Turbosound PA system which is more than adequate for most smaller events. For more sophisticated sound requirements we work with some of the very best providers of sound in the UK and have a long-standing close relationship with Innerfield so you can delight your guests with the funkiest looking sounds around.

For medium to small tents we can supply Void Acoustics Air Motion Mid-Hi speakers. The stunning Air Motion horns are the perfect style partners for the Innerfield bass and they sound great too!

For our larger tents we offer a Turbosound Aspect front of house PA system. An industry standard for live bands, Aspect has been used at the John Peel stage at Glastonbury, Roskilde main stage (the largest rock festival in Europe) and toured by legendary artists such as Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Primal Scream. The system is breathtakingly clear and detailed in the top end and delightfully expressive and musical in the crucial mid range.

Lighting, flooring, stages, furniture, catering…

We can supply internal and external lighting as well as flooring and staging to provide maximum comfort for both audience and performers. We also have a selection of tables and chairs available and have various catering options, including a barbecue. Contact us to let us know your requirements.

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